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Date(s) 4/1/2021 - 4/28/2021
Bidding Notice: Bid Amount is on a per TRACT basis and not per acre. BUYER’S PREMIUM: The Buyer’s Premium on the real estate is five percent (5%) of the high bid amount. The Buyer’s Premium will be added to the high bid to determine the final contract sales price.
Auction Notice: Addtional information available at We are selling all tracts in this auction “As-Is.”  The access for Tracts 2-4 from Horton Hollow Rd has been disputed by the neighbors adjoining this property.  Based on the Seller’s information and the title information we’ve received, we dispute those claims based on a previous survey that was performed for Independence Lumber and previous deed language discovered from the title search. However, Fidelity title company has stated that because the access is being disputed, that they would NOT insure access to the property at this time.  The existing interior roads on tract 2 eventually go off of tract 2 onto on the adjoining landowner and we do NOT have deeded access to continue through their property onto tracts 3 and 4 as the existing roads lead.  For this reason, a new road from Tract 2 through tract 2 onto tract 3 and 4 may need to be built at any new owner’s expense to access tracts 3 and 4. We have posted the title search for these tracts on the website for you to review. There is no insurable access to Tracts 2-4.